Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

trippin' oh stumblin' flippin' fumblin'

this is not really an update,
its just what you call a bad date.
oh! no more about just being late,
its like they've found a new 'mandate'.

i don't see how i belong,
in the place where i've been long.
feels like i should walk along,
to a place that sings my song.

i don't norm'ly write like this,
cause i felt the point was missed.
why do people judge like this,
can't they all just give me peace?

vested int'rest, vested int'rest,
resounding in my mind at rest.
how and when this endless protest,
would ever not be brought to test?

so with a heavy non-the-less,
i rest my case with forgiveness;
and trade my rights for godliness,
lest i would showcase Christless-ness.

lest i increase and He decrease,
and lest He strikes and i decease. (LOL!)
oh! God of peace, my striving cease!
thank You for putting me at ease!

what use on earth with hair to hold,
when death returns a pile of mould.
with lengthy, shining locks of gold,
let MY new trend in heav'n unfold!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

rhythm of Your grace

hi. its been a loooong time. i know this blog is really deprived of my attention, but i just can't find the time to update. or even if i did, there's nothing substantial to update about. events, random statements are all dominated by facebook d. and at the end of the say there is really nothing much to squeeze out here.

having said that. i'll just update for updating sake.

no doubt alot of stuff happened from the last update till now. like how i went through the hellish examination of a month called june. enjoyed productive holidays in the 1st half of july. and the increasingly crazy uni workload of august. yay! =D

hurm. this semester, i have a secret. that is, i am superman. oops no more secret d. well, i feel like i've over-committed myself to so many things. and in that sense, i can't help but think that i'm immature because of that. eventhough i made a decision to prioritize everything, which is by far so far so good. but still, there's this feeling of inevitably crashing out and screwing up and thus proving my over-commitment to be an immature bravado =/

just the other day i was writing down my various duties in church, CF, and other 'social commitments'. and the list was =O lol. if you're my fren and you're reading this, it would be really nice to pray for me =P cause i feel like i really need it lorh. but then again, i'm not saying that i'm purely running on the fuel of the prayers of others lah. that would make me a breainless free-loader.

i'm tired of surviving the semesters. i wanna conquer them instead! and emerge from it stronger in many areas =D insya-allah!

anyways. the 40 days of fasting has begun =O and i still dunno what to fast. i can't fast on food because my meal times are already so irregular. i can't fast on computer games because i don't play that often. and i dun watch much tv. comes online every now and then. facebook every now and then. they say it must hurt to count, and i can't find anything that'll hurt! (oops. invited trouble d) so yeah. fast wattttt???

aiyoh. lazy d. and hungry. and sleepy.

p/s : i always blog in the 'edit html' mode wan. naiser.

pp/s : i need to stop saying stupid things. to you. especially =/

Sunday, May 30, 2010

this is an emergency!

"may we see this generation and its state of desperation for Your glory!"

p/s: i want to do more, but i know too little to do more =(

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The most beautiful truth ever existed

is that truth was never made up, but something absolute. something that existed before everything else existed.

and really, only Truth can make things come into existence.

And when we realize what Truth says we are, then we ARE. And isn't that the beauty of it?

I really find it so.

As i begin to comprehend the truism that goes like ''people who don't accept you as who you really are, are not your true friends in the first place.''

Being human and all, i find it hard to be vulnerable because i'm afraid to see the circle of friends diminish. But i guess this truism filters the people whom you can count on in your entire lifetime from people whom you thought you could also count on.

I thank Truth for saying i'm worth getting rejected for. worth getting a bad reputation for. worth dying for.

Looking at myself, it doesn't make sense. No one would do such a thing for me. But the truth is there was. And i know this is so often repeated, but i guess i've never found this truth truer than before.

truth is, truth is my only true friend. because at the end of the day, if ever my circle of friends becomes a round dot. I still have enough friend to keep me going. yes its as singular as much as it makes sense.

Just thought i'd pen my thoughts down.

p/s: i also want to thank God for this friend who willingly followed me (by foot!) to check out some routes in the wee hours. It meant so much to me because honestly, i didn't expect that from him or anyone else for that matter.

Friday, May 21, 2010

we'll dance around it all night.

shucks. i missed the april update. maintaining this blog is hard =/ but nevertheless, i can see the days ahead where i'll blog more often. i know it will come. i just know it.

anyways. tmr, or rather in umm.. 4 hours time, i'll be running 5km =D yes RunNat is back this year. so yes, here i am, exhausted yet excited, sleepy yet energized. just waiting for it to come. i guess its no unfamiliar fact that time flies, its as though just yesterday team -.- had their 1st ever training. and now, we're finally gonna run! no more boring red tracks and seeing man-in-tights! but real roads =D

having said that, i still wonder whether praying in such a way really works. But i guess that its more of the message we runners sent out to the world (and our hearts to God) when we do run and pray. And my guess (again) is that He no doubt will find anything sincere a delight =D

Okayy. here's what i really want to say to team -.- (i can't put a punctuation mark after that emoticon or it'll look like -.-.). LOL. anyways, i just want to say that i'm really really REALLY proud of you guy and girls! and for the amount of effort and volume of sweat you all put in for this run! =P although we fluctuate in our stamina at different times, i'm just glad that in small ways i can see yall improving =) and i really admire the endurance yall exhibit, it actually inspires me in ways you all don't know. so yeah, thank you for making the training a success, and more importantly, for your companionship in this run. i treasure every second of it.

*sentimental mode off* so yes. back to normal boring updates about myself. *narcissitic mode on* I am in my final assignment phase now, and i cannot tell whether its a good or bad thing. yet. and umm.. my first paper is on a SATURDAY. but whats better is this: i thought i could play some futsal in the morning before having myself tortured psychologically by my first paper (which happens to be psyschology). BUT MONASH HAS TO FIX THE EXAM AT THE EXACT SAME TIME WITH FUTSAL!!! yes yes its 8.30 - 10.30, not much choice eh?

so yes. other than a psycho psycho paper at a psycho day and psycho time, i've ELEVEN days of 'study break' before my next paper. true story.

gahh. anyways, amidst the exams and assignment ramblings, i want to *sentimental mode on* THANK GOD for great things that happened this semester! i shall name a few that is on my mind. for MCF! yes, i find it such a blessing to meet new people! also, being a part of MCF really makes me happy =) thank God also for new friendships made/bettered/restored too! =) you can tell i'm really happy by the amount of smilies i use =) =) =) =)

heh. smt random here. as a student (that drives) hor, it came to my attention that driving to Monash from Bkt Rimau and back actually eats ALOT of petrol =( sigh now i'm contemplating whether to shift to the hostel when its completed. and also now i'm beginning to appreciate people who pay for my petrol so so so SOOOO much. seriously! buy petrol for me for christmas kay?

okayz. i shallz endz nowz. i need at least an hourz of sleepz to keep me from faintingz and killing other peoplez later in the eveningz. nitez.

p/s: peel fresh orange NEVER fails to make my day ;)